Try Kickstart to know if it's right for you.

Getting started with Kickstart is simple.  If you have difficulty walking and want to find out if Kickstart could make a difference, you can now receive a candidacy evaluation and a free in-clinic device demo with Kickstart-trained healthcare providers throughout the United States.

Kickstart is custom-made for each user and provided by an orthotist (a healthcare professional that specializes in devices to support limbs and joints, such as braces.)

  • Schedule an appointment at an orthotics clinic to receive an evaluation, learn about whether Kickstart could help you.  If you meet the candidacy requirements, you can try an in-clinic demo of the device to experience its benefits.
  • Insurance coverage for Kickstart varies by individual plan and location.  Many private insurers cover some or all of the costs, and we are actively working to expand coverage.  Specific cost information can be provided by an orthotist at your initial consultation, or by contacting Kickstart customer care (877-484-7513).

To get connected with the closest available provider or find out more about discussing Kickstart with your current healthcare providers, please contact our customer care representatives at (877) 484-7513 or complete the form below.  Information provided in this form will help our customer care team provide the most relevant information to assist you.